Monday, May 3, 2010


Pity me.
How I’m going to start this?

*gasping for air*
It was evening again, I went for jogging…  like usual…
They repeat the same thing again, playing fool on me.  They will always do that when we were on the way back to the campus side.  When we were jogging none of them will talk, they will talk when they aren’t jogging.

Well, sometimes I feel that playing fool on others is really funny and enjoying, but sometimes we really need to know its limit. 
Not everybody has that kind-hearted to being fool by others.
Maybe I did change my mind set on this, because I was just thinking that others are happy when having time with you.  Now I think I should change that kind of mind set, I guess… 
For me, playing in that way is okayh, because I still can accept it.  But please, can just make it between us?  Don’t make it so public because it is a not proud thing to share.

Maybe what I written here doesn’t make sense because I look happy or laughing when fools are playing around.  If you all think that they I can only just say you are not understand me at all.

Just like what Andrew behaved, seriously.  I’m not that serious like Andrew but I’m not that kind of person who loves being fool in front of people that we just met.

p/s: just my feeling here, you can ignore it if you want to.

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