Saturday, May 1, 2010


Went town today with shuttle bus that provide by the campus which is free transport fee (actually is we paid during the first semester liao de).  Guess how long we spent our time there?  We spent around 6 hours there leh!  I also feel so geng leh~~~ wah…

So this morning the sky was so sad and cry non-stop until those guys who promised wanted to go with us at first FFK us at the end.  Reason?  Because they are too comfortable to sleep during cooling weather ma… =.=
Should I say guys are not trustable at all?

Then we went to UK to settle down our pictures, and fill our stomach with food so that we can continue our journey.  We had pizza at Pizza Hut, guess what?  We were the first customers there!  And one more good news to share, Syn Wei who doesn’t eat onion breakthrough and eat onions!!!  Well, obviously it is a good start!  Gambateh! Syn Wei~~~

After that we went JEti there to buy some chocolate and alcohol, but at the end we bought some chocolate nia… =.=
Going to buy D.O.M. next time when I am going out. =)

I’m now super tired cause I got up this morning at 7.30am, then washed cloths and bath and went out till 4.30pm back to campus.  But I didn’t get to rest after that cause I continue with packing stuff…  Unbelievable that my books already used up 2 boxes liao… 
Like seniors said: I’m still first year leh… why got so many books de???
Guess I have to give away to juniors liao lo…

Life is so unpredictable so don’t put too much hope on the future but look at the present, play your own role on your present!

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  1. It's not because I've breakthrough, it's because you forced me to!