Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Day

Today is my family day.  It has been half a year since the previous movie I went with them.  I still remember I went to watch ‘TIGER WOOHOO’ with them before Chinese New Year.  Now because of this movie: ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE, I got the chance to watch movie with them again!
Well, guess I have to thanks to Malaysian Director and Actors whom involve in this movie because we support MAKE IN MALAYSIA~

Before we watch that, we ate our lunch at SUSHI KING.  SUSHI KING again, because I just had that with Hui Yuan when we went to watch IP MAN.  Sigh, don’t tell me the history is back!  Sushi twice for a week… That is a lot and make me feel sien cause there are not much choices on the belt and I am lazy to order. 
Then there were conventional and exhibition at both of the hall of the shopping mall causing lots of people were crowded there!  (this cause us can’t find a parking place!!!)  We passed by few TM stall, they kept promoting the Uni Pack of Streamyx, then I complaint to them about why I didn’t get my netbook while the streamyx at home has already been activated for 2 weeks! 
They asked me to call to TM to ask pulak… swt!!!

Then is time for us to watch movie.  There we go~
How can I miss out popcorns when having movie???!!!
You can go to have a watch on this movie, cause it is really not bad and I think is worthy to watch!  Go watch with your partner if you have one. =)

While I was watching the movie, my phone vibrated!  Guess who called me?  Is HP officer called me!!!
My net book is here now~~ Yeah!!!  

Don't feel jealous ler~ 

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