Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What A Day...

I wanted to sleep more today in the morning since examinations already end for this semester, but I got up at 7.30am!!!  wtf!
Early in the morning, the Indian housemate in my house pulling all the furniture out from her room, and the noises are so annoying and wake me up from sleep!!!

After all the noises, I can’t get back into my dream anymore!!!  Sigh…
I get up and online lo… (this is the only thing I can do now cause nothing else I can do liao) Then clean up myself to prepare to go town~

Town again today~
Buy some chocolate for Daddy since he is going to fetch me back from LCCT airport (hope nothing unwilling will happen that day), then buy DOM for grandma (mummy side).  I wanted to buy DOM for grandma (daddy side) but daddy said no need wor… So never mind lo~
Guess what I had my lunch today, I had PIZZA!!! Argh!!! Pizza again…  I just ate pizza last week…  But there got nothing to eat already and we didn’t go town by renting car but just by shuttle bus, so to keep energy for us to walk more, we have to eat something that is convenient and near. =.=
Well, lucky us too~
I wanted to eat salad in Pizza Hut so much, so I asked all of them whether want to eat salad or not so that can share it with me, because I can’t finish them with pizza la… @@
So I didn’t order since nobody wants to eat.
Then when our soups were there, Edwin asked me want to eat salad or not, since he offered so I went to talk to the waiter and told him that we would like to add-on salad~  The waiter said okay and asked us to take it our own.
At the end when the receipt was passed to us, guess what?  They didn’t count for the salad! Guess the waiter forget about it already.  HAhahax~
So not bad hor~ Eat salad in Pizza Hut without paying for the salad~ ^^

Then we continue our journey to Jetty to buy some chocolate and wine as we wish~  Well, this time we back campus at 4pm~

Then evening when I was in my room with my roommate, suddenly somebody knocked the door.  Usually if our friend knocks it they will mention their name but this time no mentioning at all, so we remain silent cause we afraid that will be Jakmas!!! (Jakmas here in our campus is those who will give you saman when you disobey their rules… and I refused to open the door cause I disobey their rules~~~ LOL)

At night we bath at the tangki there suddenly thunder wave at us… T_T really can’t bath like usual, cause we scare the thunder will touch us…  Some more I thought of what Edwin said that the thunder will attack those we are tall (at that time I’m the tallest among those who bath there at that time.) Sigh…

Just now, I got shock with the incident!!!
BLACK OFF!!! And this time is whole campus facing the same problem…  T__T
I almost got heart attack, luckily I’m not alone in the room, if not I think I will cry like hell…
Well, maybe black off is a good thing too, cause I got the chance to have a short pillow talk with my roommate~

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