Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Again!

Went for a movie again today.  Since I back here, this is the third movie I have watch in the same cinema.  First was IP MAN (with Hui Yuan), then ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE (with Family), and NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET (with Hui Yuan again!!!).

If you read thru what I wrote in the pass few post of mine, then you know I watched those movies.
Well, NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET is a movie that consider new. 
I didn’t want to watch it actually cause I know that the movie is very scary but once a while watch scary movie in cinema is okayh ba~

This movie is really super duper scary! I feel lucky because I brought my jacket along, if not I really got no idea how I’m going to cover my face from the scary and horrible scene.
Guys, gals, if you all want to watch this movie, go ahead.  But I don’t really recommend it cause it is really very scary. 
It is better if you download it or watch pirated at home~

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