Monday, May 10, 2010


As I had promised last night in Facebook, I will update my yesterday’s journey here.  It was an unforgettable journey actually. ^^ 
I’m already at home now.

That was my first time back to Peninsular by Air Asia flight. (Air Asia will never be my first choice to choose because their services and flight are sucks!!!)  when we were going to reach KL (LCCT) there were raining likes cats and dogs, we even can see thunder when we were in the flight!  Can you imagine how scary was that??  Then suddenly the plane hit something and cause us jump from our seat!  Two of my friends scream so loudly… phew, luckily I didn’t shout!!!  It was really embarrassing because I was sitting beside them!

Finally we reached LCCT safely at 1.30pm, quickly I called daddy see whether he reached airport.  Then I waited until around an hour he finally reached and successfully picked me up~  Feel touch actually because he purposely came down to KL to fetch his daughter then go back to Kuantan.
He is not familiar with KL way so he used GPS to lead his way to LCCT airport.
And this is the GPS that I have been talking about.

Cool huh??  I think it is cool too~  it can show the map that where you want to go too~  I played with it yesterday and I think I fall into it already. hahahax

Then daddy showed me a handphone.  OMG!!! It is my dream phone!!!  E90!!!  T__T
I really want that phone so much; it is really very nice la…
Here there are~ for those who don’t know what is NOKIA E90

When can I get this phone all by my own???  Really hope to own it ler~

Now I’m at home now~
Home is always the best place for me~ ^^