Thursday, May 6, 2010

The End For Semester 2 At Beach Cafe~

Went to beach to have my dinner today.  I wanted to eat at the canteen inside the campus cause suddenly want to eat ‘bihun goreng basah’, but since Bear Bear wants to eat at the beach and this might be the last time we eat at there in this semester, so I decided to follow their willing.

At first only 7 of us (Da Biao Jie Fu, Bear Bear, Biao Jie, Er Biao Jie, Da Biao Jie Fu’s 21st wife, Shin Yi and I) will go for the dinner but at the end Shin Yi didn’t go but add in 2 people joined us, Wai Yen and Remy.
Is this considers give one out away get 2 free back??  (Crapping around only la)

I was so silent from campus to the beach and then from the beach to the campus.  Well, maybe is not I’m to silent or quite but they are too noisy~ 
It wasn’t a perfect day for us to eat there anyway, because there are so many mistakes they have made today.
One word to say about it: DISAPPOINTED!
We ordered ABC Biasa and ABC Special, but we waited until some of them finished their food but none of the ABC serve to us, and at the end all of us got to eat ABC because no more ice-cream were left for ABC Special. =.=
The rice that Bear Bear and Da Biao Jie Fu ordered were not nice, they said the rice is not hot enough and if the fried rice adds more salt will be better.
Then those who ordered MEE, didn’t get to eat until all of them finished everything and I was one of those who ordered that!  Oh My God!!!  I was starving like hell!!!
I went to ask them why they take so long to cook our noodles.  They said it is because they are out of Maggi Mee stock.  Right!!! Fine, so I change it to normal noodles.  Well, I told her that we wants 2 Mee Bandung and 1 Mee Goreng!  But at the end we got 3 Mee Goreng!!!
I was starving already, so no choice, but have to eat…

But anyway, they took some pictures before the food was served and after they finished their food. *smile*
deep dimple of mine~ hahahax

this pictures got some comment in FB and I would like to post it here too.
here they are: 

here are some views of that evening~

Since today is the last day for PeiJie to bath at the Tangki down there in this Semester, so Syn Wei, Pei Jie and I went down to bath together~
So Suang neh~~~

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