Saturday, May 29, 2010

Camera Spoil My Mood

Beside grandma, my aunt who just married in Singapore just came to visit us in Kuantan due to Wesak Day + 3 days holidays of hers.  Before that she did mention to bring me camera because she has an extra camera which she hasn’t used before.
Since she has an extra one, so I asked her to bring it here so that I can use.

Is yesterday, she reached our home and brought out the camera for me.  The design of the camera is not very nice and I saw the feedback of this camera thru internet and all the feedbacks are negative! (Is an old model, so forget about the design and the function of it.)  The worst thing is she forgot to bring the charger for the camera!!!
Argh, alright…
I can still find the charger from shop outside there, just hope the price of the charger is not too expensive.  I went to the internet and searched for it too!  Well the price of it I think is still reasonable, but I still need time to go out to find for it right?  Just hope I can use it before I back to my campus.

That’s everything happened for yesterday.  Since I can play with it yet, so I just left it there on the table in the living hall.   Sometimes I really got no idea why can’t just buy a new camera so that we can use it for even longer time?!  Sigh!
(I’m trying my best to calm down cause it should be a good thing to have a camera free!)

Then I spent my time today watching movie by using PPS in my room and sleep, and of course eat.  Suddenly I realized that she didn’t even bring the USB port for me!
What the fish was that?!

Sigh… suddenly all my mood gone!
Don’t even have the mood to buy the charger for the camera and don’t even have the mood to find the USB port for it! 
Well, maybe have this kind of feeling is because my mood was spoilt before that, and this make me feel worst.
Alright, trying to throw the negative emotion away.
Trying hard now.

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