Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anjung Ketam

I'm now using my roommate's netbook, is cool man but too small for me because of my big size... =.=
Hahax, I was so desperate to update blog that's why I asked her to borrow me this.  Can't use my own laptop because there is lightening and thunder outside, scary and the thunder cause few of the hostel block out of electricity!!!  T__T
I almost cried out...

Back to the topic, Anjung Ketam.  Malaysian will definitely understand what does the last word meant by.  (Ketam = Crab)  Curious why I suddenly mention about crabs? hahax, yup!  That's right, I went to a seafood restaurant named Anjung Ketam with friends.  (I can see mummy's respond when she read this post, aiyo, mummy once awhile ma... The Ketam damn nice lo... >.<)

It was really a long long planning to eat at that restaurant!  We planned this since 2 weeks ago and we rent car 2 weeks ago too.  Before that we wanted to go on Thursday night de and managed to reserve the car for that day.  But who knows they suddenly said got no car that time.  Sigh...  At the end we managed to rent a car for today from 5pm until 8pm.  Before that we thought the car is available on Thursday so we found 6 people who are Edwin, MC, ShinYi, SynWei, YuJun and I, but suddenly change to Sunday... PeiJie said she wants to join...  This means that the car will be 7 people!!!  This can't fit la... 7 people can't fit in a small car la!!!
I wanted to give up.  I told Edwin and others that I might not be going because it is not worthy to drive 2 rounds just for fetching and it is impossible to sit 7 people in a car too!!!  Big sacrification???  Nah, I feel is okayh la, cause at least they can eat happily, right?  (Think positivily!!! ^.^v)  But luckily I managed to find another car few days ago, and we manage to find another 3 people to join this wonderful meal~ 
But who knows that just now before we went out, something occur again!  The time we reserve for the car were reserve by others too...  But luckily we manage to get the car too.  Looks like the lucky angel is standing at our side. *happy*

Finally we can start our journey to Anjung Ketam.

We used up around 1 hour to find the restaurant!  Omg, the place is kinda difficult to find for those first timer who get to go to that place! 
Is time to order~

Let's think...
hmm, how many kilogram should we order??
After discussion and discussion, we ordered 6 kilograms for 10 people.  That are just not a lot, because we didn't order for other dishes, we ate crabs and white rice nia...  So it is not a lot, I somemore feel not satisfy leh...

While we were choosing the crabs, they were capturing picture of the view there.  Can you imagine that?  Eating seafood and enjoying the beautiful sky seas view~ 

We were so hungry and starving while waiting for the crab to serve!  I even got gastric... =.=
While waiting, Ying Ying took pictures on us and here they are. =)

Well, of course with that 6 kg of crabs we didn't order all with the same flavour, we ordered 3 different flavour and all of them are yum yum. *satisfy*

All the crabs are so delicious, but too bad I didn't get to eat any of the eggs of them.  *sob sob*  I wanted to eat eggs so much, maybe the luck is not at my side that time.  I didn't eat till very full, maybe because there are no fibre ba, that's why I don't feel full at all...  >.<
Then since we got no time and the car we can't extend at all, so half of us have to back early.  I think because of this I don't think I really get 100% of enjoyment in there... 
Nevermind, I am sure there will be next time to go eat there. =)

Wish me luck on everything that I'll do onwards. 
Good Luck~

Till then, I would like to say~~
Look things positively and always think of others because when people surrounding are happy you will sure be happy. 

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