Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is Just About After Dinner

Didn’t wake up early but woke up purposely to cook dessert for them, and because of this, I hurt my hand!  My finger got burned!
And thank to GOD, I don’t have to do so many things since the finger was hurting.
Yupe, all this are yesterday because I’m going to say about yesterday.

After breakfast and lunch we all had a nap and then went out for dinner at around 6.30pm.  All of us went out for dinner so we decided to drive 2 cars there.  One will be under 21 while another one will be above 21.  L0L
6 of us had a not very good yet satisfied dinner which cost us more than RM100 but we managed to eat seafood.
Due to the fullness of our stomach, we went for a walk in East Cost Mall.  Still we go the same destination with 2 cars.

I met lots of people at there who I never thought of meeting them again (Kuantan is really very small), I even met some of them that I never want to say HELLO!  I know that this is sinful, but I can predict what they will say when they saw us.  Sometimes it is better if we choose to avoid each other because this will be more comfortable for each other.
After dinner, we had some dessert.  Well, this dessert is expensive but I feel happy to have it while my little brother thinks that it is unworthy to eat such expensive dessert as we can get the same taste with a lower price.

Bro, BaskinRobbins is always expensive, but there are still lots of people willing to pay for it!  Aiyo, once awhile nevermind lor~

The ‘elders’ said they want to buy something in CareFour so we have to buy out ice-cream by our own and then meet them in CareFour.  But after we bought ice-cream and went to CareFour to search for them, they were not around!  ==
They were still in Padini!!!!
wtf, then we went CareFour again, means in the same day same hour, we went into East Cost Mall CareFOur twice!

Since P0P0 was tired and brother wanted to back home to study, we decided separate care to go home, which one car will stay with me so that we can walk longer (is shopping actually).  Mei Mei wanted to buy sneakers so we went round and round to find the suitable one.  When we found one most perfect in a shop, Mei Mei and I tried out with the sneakers but when we wanted to get the size that we wanted, there are no stock for Mei Mei!
Oh, poor Mei Mei…
At the end I am the one who bought the sneakers…

Finally I was home!
But this time is drinking time!  We drank wine that I bought from Labuan, didn’t finish it cause we were enjoying but not drinking till drunk!  Hahahax

Well, I guess yesterday was really happiness and sadness came along one shot!

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