Friday, May 28, 2010

Human Being

I really got no idea why, why friendship will become like that.

Is reasonable that we didn’t keep contact with our primary friends because we were young and didn’t know how to keep communications (well, most of us).  Most of the primary friends I had last time I didn’t really contact unless they contact me or we met again during form 6.
Secondary school’s friends should keep in touch with those you are closed with (I guess).  There are some of them that I still keep in touch although they are in overseas now. 
Form 6 friends are the friends that I’m closed with now.

Actually I don’t understand why.
Primary friends were friends that we spent the time most with them, 6 years!
Secondary friends were friends that we spent time for 5 years and Form 6 friends we spent time for only a year!!!
Why?! Why?! Why?!
Why friends those in form 6 are friends that I’m closed with now?

I really don’t understand why this will happen to me.
Primary friends sometime will ask me out for gathering, but usually I used up lots of excuses to reject them because I feel that I’m the extra one if I go.  There are nothing to talk with them when sitting there, what I did is just smile and listening to others.  Well, maybe is because I’m not closed to them and I don’t have any special thing to talk or share with them.
Now secondary friends were studying in different school when we were in form 6 due to different fields that we chose.  Some of them even went private college.  Well I think the problem occur in me because other of my friend they still can keep in touch well until now they can still go shopping with them.
Form 6 friends are the friends that I’m closed with now, but seem like everybody has their own thing to do when they are back from semester break.  Well, I know that everybody has their own life and lifestyle.

Well, if you know me well.  I believe that you will understand that I hate to be alone.  I hate to eat breakfast alone, hate to do things alone!  (if you notice that)  I will feel weird if someone go shopping alone, watch movie alone, eat alone, and even walk alone.  I don’t like the feel of being alone, that’s why usually I will find people to accompany me.  Make it short and simple, I hate being alone.
This semester break, I don’t seem like spending time with my friends at all.  I feel like I’m spending most of the time with PPS!  I also don’t know why this becomes like this.  Friends they usually will accompany me were busy with their own ‘business’, studies and some of them work!  They got no extra time with me at all.  Some of them I didn’t even get to meet yet until now + grandma is at my house now, can’t go out as often as usual (you know old people will say a lot, but they are not scolding, that’s really frustrating when this happen!)
Spending my time with this LENOVO laptop more than anybody here!
It seems like everybody is having fun but I’m having boredoms!
I know I’m complaining again, but beside of complaining I really got no idea what else I can do already!

Right, back to the topic!
Friendship is actually like a string because when you want your friendship to be strong and last long, you have to make the string thicker and thicker by adding more strings into a string!  But when you choose to give up a friendship, it will dilute when you seldom contact with them, just like a string become easy to break when time passes!
So everything is in your hands, and every choice is up to you!  If you choose to let go, nobody can stop you! 

How about me then?
I’m also thinking about this…
Can they be my friend forever just like Leong said???

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  1. Hey, I got my 3 besties when we're in Form 1 already~ ♥ [But only 2 still keep in contact =(]