Monday, May 17, 2010

Sudden Feeling Of Mine

Was watching vampires Chinese drama just now and you know that I like to do things when I am watching mysteries and horror drama or movie so I was facebooking at the same time.
Looking at those pictures that they are posing in Facebook, suddenly there are lots of thinking flying in my mind, lots of wondering.  Looking at those happy moments that friends around me have, feeling jealous with them.

Sometimes I really don’t understand why they people can have such wonderful time together, can join lots of activities and functions that organize by their University; they can even combine an activity with other University.
This makes me think whether I have chosen the right University to enter. (As you know I got the first choice for my course to enter this University)

Every time I see them having such wonderful time, I wish I can join them, to feel the happiness together, although I know that it is impossible.  Form 6 life ends, groups that we joined last time for studying, for camping, for educations are all gone for me.  We are  no longer staying together to go to school, lepak after class, sleep in the class, talk loudly in the class, celebrations together in the school, hide our cellphone to our teacher, or even having issues while we were in school.
Perhaps they have already become my memories, good and bad memories, unforgettable memories, even lessons that I have learnt, and now they have stored inside my mind, locked well.

They said university’s life is actually consider as pre-community (a small studies before we step into reality), there we can see what is reality and how we should do when we face problems, we have to learn to be evil when times come too.  Yet, people like me like to put myself into the dead end, still I did learn lesson from here.

Just a stupid emotion at this moment, this second.  I bet I will be okay when I wake up tomorrow in the morning.  I know I can find my happiness moment with my own willing and choice because everybody does have the choice to choose to be happy or unhappy. 
I want to live happily and I choose to live happily, how about you?

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