Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Dislike Dream

I got a dream last night?
I don't like the dream, I don't like the content of the dream either.

I was in a room, a room that I never been there before, with my brother.  My brother was using PC, while I was using my laptop on the bed.  He was watching PPS while I was playing Facebook game (maybe because I play too much games during the day time. =.=)  My sister was there but I forgot where was she at that time when I was in the room.
We were suppose to go somewhere by 2 cars, one with mummy's car another one with my uncle's car.

In all sudden, mummy came into our room and told us we will be going out soon! Ask us to be prepared!
Then she told us that her boy friend will follow us! (yea, I know it reality she doesn't have one la!)
In the dream, I dislike her boyfriend.  Not because I dislike his personality but I dislike when we were having our family day or family hour, he will be my mummy's side!  He is not part of our family!!! Shooo Shoo Shooo!!!!
But I don't mind if mummy goes out with him, only 2 of them without bringing any of us out! (especially me...)
I even cried in the dream, telling mummy that I don't want the boyfriend following us out!

I got that hate feeling maybe because I have the feeling that she might not love us more than she loves the boyfriend...
Maybe I jealous...
That's why...
I guess...

What a stupid dream is that!
Wondering will dream come true...
Am I going to hate mummy's boyfriend if she has one in the future?

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