Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another Year

Happy New Year!  I know is a little bit late but now is only second day of the year, so is consider as new I guess.

Really not in good mood this 2 days especially when I'm stepping on this island.  Seriously emo.
I know I'm lucky enough compare to others cause I never go KL by bus alone and then to airport alone.  But I still homesick very much.  I reached this island yesterday night. It was irritating when I first step into the house! Damn DIRTY!!!
I felt like crying but I didn't at the end.  I am seriously being pampered!  Argh!!!

We got our result already, em... mine? I'm satisfy with them... cause I never aim high in my studies.  Timetable? Yeap, just got them... UMSKAL really BOLEH... cause I have to walk to the main building to get the timetable, and the worst thing is now I don't know who is my lecturer!
Oh ya, E-commerce students are having class everyday!  Holly Shit!!!  Disappointment... cause previously seniors all have 3 days holiday continuously every week!!! Why I don't have???  Argh!!!

I seriously dislike this year... Don't know why...  But I know I still have to go on with this. I have to...

p/s: wish me luck...

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