Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After APN

After malam kemuncak of APN, you think we had end our 'reunion'?
We continued the APN mood!

We (EXCOs and MPPs) were having another gathering after APN (AJKs weren't there but don't worry there will be one soon)!  It was a small gathering because all of us still having APN mood although the event had officially ended.

So, at the end we decided to go Italian Cafe! (We had to use our own pocket money to makan de lo)

The pizza there was great!
Hope I can go again there~

The food was great, but we spent more time on picturing...

 Ah b and I
(the technical!)

President and I
(zeng zhu xi!)

Soo!  (Su li yi)

Ryan (the vice president!)


(he does look like model, isn't him?)

(the prettiest Girl in our campus!!!)

(From the same state as I'm -- Pahang!!!)

Besides taking pictures solo-ly, took pictures in group too!!!

Taking pictures really wasted our time especially we used up most of the time picturing than eating!
Anyway, I just like the environment there~
Can we go there again?
Can we???

p/s: hope Evangeline managed to get car so that we can go there tonight!

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