Saturday, January 15, 2011


Is a tired day.

I can't believe that I rather staying in the room watching movies than going out having fun with them.  (For your information today there is an event at the car park which organize by PMSSIL)

Didn't get to get up very early today, because I want to rest more. At first I put my meeting at 10am, but since there were so many cnt make it on time, so I decided to make it 11am.  I was lazy to start everything, because I know once I start I will have to settle all the rapping papers and gifts!

It wasn't a pleasant day for me.
Well maybe for other yes...

Someone is now happily having great time with her boyfriend.  I made an exchange with her that if she managed to finish her stuff that I asked her to, she can be free with her boyfriend.  She didn't finish her part yet but she is having happy hour with her boyfriend already.  Is this fair enough?
I don't know.
If I don't let her go, people will say that I'm cruel enough because her boyfriend come from peninsular to visit her and I still asking her to do things for me! (she is part of the ajk)
If I let her go then I will have to finish up her work my own.
Which one should I choose?

Seriously her boyfriend didn't come at the good time, because this weekend is climax to all of us!  We have to put all our effort 120% in this weekend so that we don't have to rush on next week!
Things happen, as long as she manage to finish up everything on time.

p/s: there is always good and bad...

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