Tuesday, January 25, 2011

APN Malam Kemuncak!!!

Is the day!!!
I had been stress and worried for this day!
And finally is here.

Morning we had our rehersal, managed to get into room at 3pm.  Got a very small nap around 30 mins then started to prepare ourselves for the night!!!
I spent around 2 hours time to make up and dressed up!
At the end, this is how I looked like --


I was in charged of souvenirs and lucky draws, so I didn't get much time to take pictures around when the event started.  Besides I was busied, concentrated on performance!
The performance that night was really awesome!

 Performance of Lion Dance!

 3 leng luissss~

 We really love the small kid!
He is really very cute!!!

Happy Smiley~
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

 Ribbon cutting ceremony~
The follow and ribbon are really very pretty!

 Our lecturer who come from KK to attend this event!!!

 Siva and I~

 Kube and I~

 Andrew and I~

 Our hardwork!!!
Everybody thinks it was awesome, and so do I!

All Of us!!!


p/s: after all suffering, I feel that it is worthy because we made what we want!
p/s: should I join again for the next Angpau Nite?

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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