Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When you heard exhibition that means that the event of that exhibition is super close already!
Yeap, APN will be 3 days after the exhibiton!
We were all so excited and stress because few more days later, then our 'baby' will born!

The exhibition was really awesome!
They decorated the place very well! You can feel the CNY environment there when you get into the area!
Have to thanks to exhibition department which she gave lots of effort in this.  Without a successful exhibition, I think most of the people will have bad impression on our event and maybe choose not to go for the night!

Opening ceremony of the exhibiton!
Then they have lou sang there!
(I got to eat! It was so delicious!!!)

tam jiak po!!!!

So fat! and pale!!!

President of the Event and I

I looked a bit pale here due to slept for 2 hours only during the previous night...
But I'm still enjoyed the environment there!
Everybody was so excited and happy~
I should say: 每个人都有春天的感觉~

Next destination -- Jonker Night!!!

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