Friday, January 14, 2011

Long day outing~

Can you believe that I walk since 10am until 4pm in the town?  I never think that I'm capable to do that, but I did it!

Planned to eat ban mian at first when we reach town, but after the long consideration, we decided to go eat curry mee because ban mian is much further away from where the school bus stop us!  We have to eat something before we further our journey to Jetty there!  Or else we might faint at the road side. =p

After the breakfast we walk to the Jetty and start for our hunting towards APN stuff!  I thought we can make it on time which we can back to campus at around 2 or 3 pm, and during that time we can have our lunch in the town as well!  But who knows we didn't manage to spend our own entertainment when we were out there.  There are too many things to buy and we even forgot to survey for our assignment!!!!
Guess we have to go town again... T_T

This month I have already went out many times, I don't dare to rent car as only Syn Wei and I went out.  (Well, nobody willing to go out with us, nobody ask us out!.... I guess...)  But is good anyway, at least I can save some money on petrol and transportation but I spent more on my time!  (Advantages and disadvantage, at least the good one beat the bad one! yay~)

Wanted to take pictures while walking around, but I really got no time for that... We were rushing like hell but we were enjoying~ At least, I don't feel boring during the whole walking! (I just feel hot only, sweating like hell!!!)

After the sweating I feel bad smell came out from my body... Some more when in the bus back to campus, I have to share seat with others, don't know the indian girl got smell stingy from my body or not...

p/s: nothing to be worry la, I settle already~

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