Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm not in a good mood...

APN is getting nearer which will be next week only!!!
Although my department left not much stuff but I got a very bad feeling on this.
Seriously no idea why.

Tomorrow going out for APN stuff again...
(I'm seriously love my hometown because I can go out whenever I like because I got a car which is available anytime!)
At first plan to go out with friends so that still can have some entertainment during the walk from UJ to UK de, but who knows because of some reason, I got to go with my assistance only...

Seriously a little bit of disappointed because this assistance very blur, she doesn't know which way to go in Labuan although she is already staying in Labuan for almost 2 years! This also mean that the whole long walk tomorrow I will be the one walking in front, and she will be following nia... @@
(now can't blame much because she is the one who going out with me nia... got someone to accompany is some how better than I got to go out alone although go out with her didn't make much difference =p)

Tomorrow going to visit lots of place to settle APN stuff and also my assignment!  I aim higher this semester but no idea how because this semester is seriously very tough... Tougher than last semester for sure! (wish me luck for that then)

Tonight got meeting to attend... Hope it will be as short as possible ba... I wish to have a good night sleep before going out tomorrow.

p/s: *praying super hard* God please blessed me and all members of my department!

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