Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funny Morning

I got up early this morning although I slept late last night (12am) but I still almost late for class. @@
Fortunately when I got in the class, there are still lots of empty seats which means there are still lots of students not arrive yet, although the lecturer is already there.

The lecturer is a new lecturer here, first day teaching I guess. I am glad because we got a mandarin lecturer for our Maths~  You know la, Chinese are always better in Maths (no offence)

It wasn't a boring class but the slides are too many! Seriously too many, 49 slides!!! Argh... This really make me miss Mdm Chin, but if think towards the good way, we don't have to be too tension and stress during this class because I don't think there will be tutorial right after class already. ^^

After class we were discussing about something special while waiting for the lift. (The lift was so damn slow today) Our friend S was so shy when we were discussing about this. It was really so happy, at least you got things to share ba, you should feel happy with this lo. (we want also don't have, how to share?)
From 6th floor to group floor, we laugh none stop and talk non stop! And then from the main building to the cafeteria we still talking and laughing so loud! (I think people around us might think we are insane!)

p/s: hope he won't take it as a bad image from me ba... aiks...

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