Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jonker Night

This is actually slightly the same with JCN but JCN was crowded with food in the day time but Jonker Night is night time.
As usual, we need to use coupons to buy food and stuff we like during the Jonker Night.  It actually looked like pasar malam but pasar malam sells all variety of foods while our jonker night sold Chinese traditional food.

The decorations started morning but I didn't get there punctually because I still got some small stuff to done for my department.

 Technical paid lots of energy here!
and look at Lee Chong!!! What was he doing????

 Herbal Eggs!!!
It was so delicious and everybody was 'fighting' for it!!!

Surnames of the Chinese!

I went to help to bring food over and helping others who needed help.
But didn't help much because everybody was doing their things already I was just helping to bring this and bring that... Not much at all..
That afternoon was so hot and I got dark 2 tone color... @@

We burned lots of tortoise, until there was no rain at night!

We had mandarin orange eating competition!
First round was won by Ah B while the second round was Siva and the third round was YuJin and Bibian!!!

That night really need to thank to the God for not raining, because if its rain, then all our hard work gone....

Our family photo when the it was ended!

Tired but Happy!!!

The next day will be the day!!!


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