Friday, January 7, 2011


Finally there is class! It has been wasting time for us this few days walking to the main building and then after half an hour we walked back to our room because we waited for half an hour but no lecturer at all.
I know this is the style of our school which usually there will be no class in the first week of every new semester. And I know I should have buy my flight ticket later and come back to this island later, but I don't wish to skip any of the class because I already confirm to skip class for CNY!

Yesterday went to town again.  I was super unwilling to go out because I'm lazy furthermore I got menstrual pain.  It's first day and I know I can't walk for long.  But yet, I still went out.  The sun was killing me.  Sweating a lot while walking from hostel to the bus stop.  But luckily shops in the town are filled with air-con.  =)

Consider lucky or not, cause when we got to the place to settle the casing thingy, but who knows when we got the the place the person in charge not around. No choice, I can only walk around to wait until she gets back.  Luckily she got back in an hour time.  And another lucky thing is the we got a free ride back to campus!  But unfortunately we have to run under the rain back to room.
I got all wet!
Then suddenly want to do APN thingy then went to Leng's room.  Help her there around an hour I guess.  Got lots of fun thing there but she silently took my picture... 
Argh, I was wearing like auntie leh... @@
Some more she said want to make them as the making for APN de... 

p/s: I got muscle pain after the walk yesterday...  really got no idea why because it was just very short walk compare to last time but I don't get muscle pain last time but now... Is it because I'm getting older??? =p

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