Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Semester Four

I should have update this post at the end of 3rd January but I was too lazy to do that... @@  
Is forth semester already, I have been studied in this island for almost one year half.  Never thought I will go through all this and make it until today.
Now the semester break has already ended. I got to keep all those playful attitude because I believe this semester going to be a very tough one.

Result for previous semester quite okay, at least I'm super satisfy with it. =) Just the over all result is not good because I didn't get good result in the previous semester.  I guess I deserve all that because I didn't really study hard for that.

This semester is going to be a stress one but after this month I will be relax and concentrate on my studies, no more activities and events.  I am really tired with all of them.  Before APN ends I think I have to do APN stuff everyday after class.  I can do nothing beside that because left less than 2 weeks!  Now really everyday APN, APN, APN nia... Sometimes I really do regret of taking it because I feel like tiring but since it was my choice so I have to turn the feeling of regret into no regret!

Weather here is so hot, but at night is like freezing, because almost raining every night.  
Oh ya, everybody says my face become rounder, I wonder why because I didn't gain weight... @@
I'm seriously looking forward Chinese New Year!  Counting the days left for me to celebrate Chinese New Year has become my motivation to study here now. 

p/s: The weather is freaking hot here...
p/s: I am now looking forward my CNY!!!
p/s: 23 days more!!! =))

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