Friday, June 1, 2012

Socks Curl 2

This is requested by one of my friend after she read this post.  She wants to see the procedure of the curl and also how do I look like when my hair is tied with cloths/socks.  

1. comb your hair to make sure your hair is tangle free.
2. choose small amount of your hair and put the cloth above your hair or below your hair.  (depends on which way you are comfortable with)
3. okay, this is the most difficult part.  Roll your hair upward and make sure that there are no hair falls.  (if there is tiny and short hair falls, just roll them together before you go to step 4.
4. tie a knot on your hair to secure it.  (you can tie twice to make sure it is super secure)
5. that's it!  Just repeat these steps on the rest of your hair.

(sounds easy!)

Haha!!  Go try out yourselves!
Playing around when the 2 pretties help me on my hair.  Some more with all those epic look!! LDM!!!
Right, now wanna show how my hair looks like after they done rolling.
OMG, my hair is so nice leh!!! wtf

Ps: try using clean socks or rough cloth will be suitable and easier when rolling.

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