Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After came back from Labuan, the first word daddy said to me is: wah! so fat already.  I don't feel anything because his word can't be trusted.  =p  
I asked my sis, she said nothing different.  Lol!  But I know I really fat already but not much difference.  =p (I'm not trying to lie myself)

A friend of mine said her mom 'dislike and avoid' of her fat look.  I was like wtf?  Where got mother in the world will get disgust of their own children?  My mom didn't say that she feels disgust on me, but she warn me not to gain weight anymore.  She said now I'm in the super limit level already, no more gaining weight.  So now she is controlling what I'm eating. wtf.
I feel like I'm small kid right now, all the food that I gonna eat are controlled by my mom.  LoL!

Really is time to control my weight already although I feel so lazy to do so.  Yet, I still have to force myself to do so.

ps: why there are people out there who can really slim down healthily???? >.<

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