Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Truth

Just found out something.  I never know that I'm so stupid trusting them like friends!  Can you believe they are really judging me behind of me like that?  Seriously understand why I feel like this all the way.  It is true about my feeling when I feel like you guys have something that I don't have.  

Judge me when I'm not there.  

Haha!  It is so funny and I'm so stupid for almost put you guys in my friend list!  Gosh...  This is how the way you see me.  Interesting!  Really interesting!  You said about you care about how I feel, now I know all these are just bullshit.  But can't blame you all.  I only can blame on myself for being so stupid all along this.  

I'm so stupid.

I should have know that all this would have happen to all of them!  No exception!!!  This is so ironic where I'm here doing surprise to them but accidentally I found out all these.  Maybe I should stay at a corner there and do my own things.  Living in my own circle which only consist me alone.  I think I will live happier without you all, at least I don't have to face what you all have done on me.

Thinking that what you talk in front of me and what you were talking back there, I feel so stupid.  How I could have trust you all that what you all have said?  Do you think I will believe any words of you all already?

Think of the good way.
At least I know.  I know what hiding underneath your masks.  At least I know the truth.  

ps: this is why I never choose to tell you all how I really feel, because I can't sure whether this kind of things will happen.  Now it happened and I'm glad that I never let you all come into my heart.
ps: or maybe it was a mistake when I started to trust you guys, but I'm glad that I didn't go into that deep yet.

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