Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is gonna be the saddest moment for me on 15th June 2012.  I am gonna leave this place, the very small island where no entertainment and no 'life' for me.  I know it is so ironic when I said I gonna miss this place because I never want to come here every freaking time when sem break ends... 

Every time when I had to get back to this island, my mood will become so down and sad but this time  my heart is so heavy to leave here.  (this doesn't mean that I don't want to go back home)

Everyone I know here.
Everything I have gone through here.
Everything about this three years.

I think I gonna miss them.  Everything about here although I keep saying I wouldn't.  (You know la usually people tends to forget sad things when they find something nice or find something happy)  

Hey people out there, people at home, people at peninsular and of course my dog (hey dog there!) lol!
I'm home soon!!!  Go and make a banner and board to welcome me home at Kuantan airport!  

ps: tears drop because sad song is playing as background.  wtf

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