Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Night 2012

It was a special night for all final year students of SSIL (Labuan School of Informatics Science).  I went every year to the same event but different theme.  The first year was Masquerade Night, second year was Vampire Night and this year is Vintage night! =D

The night before I already started with the socks curl so I can save time on curling my hair on the next day but unfortunately I still find not enough time for myself.  I didn't get to do the makeup that I wanted. =(  I was rushing to finish my makeup and the worst is I was sweating while doing makeup! ='(  My plan was we can done everything at 4.30pm and picture warming for like 30 minutes then go down to take the bus.  But my makeup was done at almost 5pm and I was rushing all along.  ='(
But I can't do anything already cause I can't turn to the past. 
When we were on the bus waiting for departure to Waterfront Hotel, Labuan.  These 2 pretty ladies' hairstyle and make up were done by me.  I know it isn't perfect la, but at least both of them changes from not so pretty to superb kay!  I didn't take any picture before and after Debbie makeup, but I did take picture of before and after Lynn makeup!
From a ugly duckling into a swan!  Lol!!! This is the first time she didn't feel paiseh or awkward when I put on makeup on her.  She is on the path to become a woman! =D
Once we reached Waterfront Hotel, Labuan, it is time for us to take pictures!

After taking all the photos, the open ceremony has started.  And then is time for us to eat eat eat!  (the best moment in the whole event is eat!  Of course la, cause I paid for it!!!)
But seriously the food is not very delicious la, the only thing that I can praise is the food are not too salty for dishes and not too sweet for desserts, ngam ngam one!  Just the food got no much choice compare to last time when we were having this event in Tiara Hotel.  
I didn't take any picture of we eating because we were too busy to eat than take pictures.  wakakakaka!
Okay, start from below it will be all about pictures.  So don't blame me... cause I have already warn you! =p
I asked her to take a picture to make it as profile picture in Facebook, ended up she made all lots of funny look.  Why you so cute? =p
I asked Lynn to take picture to make as profile picture ended up Debbie posed and tell me she wants too.  No matter how many time I take picture for her, her pose is always the same.  (Why you no other pose?)
There are more pictures in Facebook which were not taken by my camera so I can't get them yet until they have uploaded on Facebook.  
Oh ya!
Did I mention that I'm the Miss Charming Smile? wtf
Okay, someone asked her friends around to vote me as the Miss Charming Smile!  Oh gosh!!! *blush*
But still it is very nice of the organizer because they successfully make me like the present that they gave!  It is a mug and with my name on it!!! 
Cute right?!  Haha
Debbie and Lynn also got to get up to the stage.  Debbie got up to the stage is because of lucky draw.  She got this
while Lynn got her dean list certificate.  Never look down at this short, dark lady.  She has intelligent brain and almost got dean list every semester. (no pic... sorry)

Oh ya, another thing.  We have prom King and prom Queen for the night too!
I think is the committee vote for them.  It is reasonable that the prom King goes to Sopian, but it is not reasonable the prom Queen goes to Geline.  Cause I think that there are some like CF, YY, even Ling are better than her!  Hurmp... maybe different people have different beauty sense.  But for me the fake hair seriously don'ts suit on the prom Q.  I feel like she looks like ah G... (no offense).  However, I believe that she will look better if she didn't use the fake hair because she is memang gorgeous. 
You can go to here, here and here to view more pictures. 

Here come our family photo with our course-mates.
I know that 3 years are short, but I believe I will never forget any of you. =D

ps: someone dress too short.  Debbie said when she went up to the stage, she saw her under dy... @@ I didn't see la, but really almost run flash from my angle there... >.<

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