Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday - Father's Day

It is June again.  The celebration that the whole world will celebrate is Father's Day.  I never really get to celebrate father's day, when I was young, if I want to celebrate, I would buy present for him.  But when I know there are something that I can't afford to buy and I also feel useless to buy him those things.  So recently if I want to give present to him, I will just cook something tasty and healthy to him.  What is important than taking care of his health?

Today I prepared spaghetti with homemade sauce.  I used potato to make the sauce of the spaghetti.  Mommy likes it as she said it is not salty but sis said it is normal to her.  (She is always be the one who talk so much on my food but she doesn't really know how to cook.
It is like the whole world is bringing their father out for a nice dinner, but I cooked this and drive to his working place and passed it to him.  He didn't even eat in front of me!  Ah... nevermind.  I cooked for him is because he is my father, daddy and I want him to know that I know how to cook.  And the thing is he only got 2 chances a year to eat what I cook!  Guess mommy is more lucky on this, cause she can eat what I cook anytime. =D

After coming back from Labuan, the thing that I care much is spending time with my naughty dog. Playing with him whenever I'm boring and free!!  And I found out that my neighbor got a new pet. I think is Kucing Siam, cause that cat really like to play around. hahaha
I was trying to let them be friends but the cat seems to scare my dog when my dog get near to her (I think is a she...).

At night, we went out after dinner.  Driving around with no direction.  Then realize that we never been to Blackball before, so we went in to try out the dessert there.
It looks like what you can find from Snow Flakes, but this is what I can find in Kuantan.  But I think it is nice just that the desserts are cold.  (Both mommy and I prefer to eat something hot at night and eat something cold in the afternoon to chill down ourselves because of the super hot weather.)

Later I gonna be driver to pick up my bro.

That's my Sunday, how about yours?

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