Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Date After I came Back

Friends are all still in their University.  I think I'm the one who come back this early.  Since she has already come back, and almost a year we didn't meet each other, plus she is going back to KL again this weekend, so we decided to go out yesterday to gather and chichat.

Kuantan has lots of hotel already (mommy said this is due to SUKMA is going to held in Kuantan, that's why), lots of cafe and restaurants, which also means there will be more choices for me to have dinner or yam cha session with friends. =D
Too bad when bro or sis tell me, 'neh... that place xxx is very nice! the food there nice and the price also reasonable.'  I was like wtf?  Which place are you talking about?  Then their respond is like never mind la, you go find other place la. wtf?
Left Kuantan for a year like left for hundreds years.  >.<  I didn't even recognize some of the street and even I can get into the wrong street!  wtf.  I really have to drive more to recall back how to go certain place already.  (that day I even forget the way to miss Irene house!  so embarrasing... )

Yesterday after fetching sis to her tuition, then I drove like crazy lady around don't know for what. My friend and I don't know where to eat and finally we decided to go 'Your Place'.  The restaurant names 'Your Place' is not your place.  Lol!
Since sis and bro said the place not bad and the food also not bad plus the price is also quite reasonable, so we went there.
I forgot to take her food. wtf.
Anyway, I like the cake there.  We ordered yogurt berry.  Lucky me, I ate the berry (only 1 berry in a piece of cake) and she didn't get to eat it.  Hahaha! *evil laugh*
By the way, I was lucky because the cover that I got on my drink is my horoscope!  So lucky!!
She told me that she supposes to gain weight one, but she finds difficult to gain weight.  I suppose to lose weight one but I find difficult to lose weight. wtf?!
But see how much we ate also can see why she can't gain weight and why I can't lose weight already.  First, she can't finish her own food and I finish until no rice left on the plate.  Second, she eats super slow and I eat super fast.  How I can lose weight like this?!

Today is Wednesday already.  Aih... Holiday is gonna end like this... I don't want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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