Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early Bird

I'm not early bird actually especially after spent my one year life in Labuan I already used to wake up at 8am or 9am.  Even in that few days when I was in grandma's house, I woke up at 10am! Fml.  (surprisingly mommy didn't wake me up as grandma said let me sleep longer *touched*)

Now I have made it become a habit and I find difficult to wake up at 6am.  The whole family member of mine wakes up at 6am, not to say my mom who exercise before 6am and my bro does his revision early in the morning.  I didn't force myself wake up once the alarm rang but I snoozed like don't know how many times until I willing to get up.  I'm no longer an early bird. =(
I don't wake up very early to have morning exercise anymore cause I can't wash my hair in the morning so that I can tie them up.  (the GM's secretary and HR executive requested me to tie my hair up.)
 wtf! double chin...  Argh... I'm so fat!!!  Okay! now scroll down. >.<
I didn't put much make up because I don't think is necessary.  So I just refine my brows and some mascara to open up my eyes. =D
No foundation but only sun blocks.
After back from work, saw my sis playing with the kitten.  So I joined her. =p
The kitten is so cute and it likes us to manja and play with her!
Just love to show you my maggi hair.  Lol!
I like the hair right now, because it looks so natural as like I just tied braid for few days to create the beach wave. =p  Anyway, after I recurl my hair to make the curl bigger and nicer, it can hold for whole day! =D  Guess it is the nice choice for me to curl my hair.  Thinking of recurl permanently again into big curl.  Guess I have to budget around RM500 or 300SGD cause as I know that those nice big curl can only done by kinda expensive hair saloon.  :s

ps: I really like s3, why I should wait for another 3 months?

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