Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morning Bird

I'm always the morning bird where I always wake up early in the morning (before 9am).  I always jealous on those who can sleep until 12pm or even sleep for more than 12 hours a day.  I always wanted to try out sleep that long, but no matter how late I sleep, I will still wake up right after 8 hours of sleep.  There is a nature alarm in my brain. 

I can't sleep late at night, because I seldom take nap, so I can't stay till late night.  And this also cause me gone to the bed early (around 11pm).  I always tell myself that is beauty sleep, just wake up early to do things that not complete.  I will never choose to sleep late but rather wake up early, cause I can't concentrate even if I sleep late!  So why not just wake up early and sleep early?

However sometimes I will feel boring when I got up so early.  After I got up, I will move my laptop from the room to outside.  Turn on the laptop and start to download my daily drama and browser all the social networking sites.  I know this routine is damn boring.  But that time got nobody online yet and it is really boring when you are on social networking sites and there is nobody there because all are still sleeping.  #foreveralone.jpg

Whenever I think about this, I will hope I'm at home.  Because all my family member woke up very early even on Saturday and Sunday.  Mommy will get up before 7am during weekend and go for morning exercise at Taman Gelora.  Bro will have to go tuition for now but even he got no tuition, he will still got up before 8am.  Sis is the only person who can sleep till very late, but mommy never allow us sleep till the sun burn our ass.  She will wake us up before 9am.  She hates us when we sleep till so late.  I guess that's the original of my lifestyle that's why I can't cope with it even though mommy is not around my side for a year.

Even if I'm at home right now and nobody got up as early as I'm, I would have go out and dig my dog out and ask him to play with me.  I will find something to do other than turn on my laptop.  Why?  Because mommy never like us to turn on laptop or computer before 11am.  She said why we need to turn on the laptop once we got up?  Unless we need to finish up assignment or else she will not allow even though we have thousands of excuses of turning the laptop or computer.

Alright, left 14 days then I can have life I want.  Playing around with my dog in the morning after I got up and at night before I sleep.  

Ps: tonight is the night, and I guess someone's stomach grows butterfly and flying around right now.

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