Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Farewell Party At Madam's House

Finally I got the time to post about this.  Haha!
This happened last Saturday.  Madam mentioned about this party before FYP, but since all of us were busy with our stuff and Madam was busy also so everything drag until last Saturday.  As you all know, I like to eat and EATING is everything to me.  So once I heard about this, I was damn excited and really hope to go!
(I like Malay food and Indian food... maybe because I always eat Chinese Food! XD)

So I arranged the transport so all class-mates can go together.  Since I like food, so I wanted to steal some recipe from Madam to cook when I go back home later, so some of us went to madam's house earlier at around 10am.  Anyway, I ended up playing around with her children!  Lol!  The funny part is I don't understand what her daughter said and she didn't understand what I said neither!  wtf!!
Since I went there to help, I thought it would be better if I tie up all my hair.  (plus Labuan's weather is super hot!)
Before we went to madam's house, we had our breakfast!  AND the beef is supeb!!! >.<
Help Help Help!!! Lol...  After done helping then we watch cartoon and on-line over there.  
And then around lunch time, Madam cooked us lunch!!!  The food was superb!!! OMG... However I was too full to eat for second round that day... >.<
While waiting others to come to start the party, I was playing around with the kid! (the elderst one) and we took pictures with her as well... 
We only managed to play with the eldest one, because the youngest one is so malu to play with us... Plus she prefer to stick with her grandma, mama and her papa... (mission failed... Lol!)
One is super hyperactive, keep laughing and jumping around.  Another one is super crying baby, once she is not beside any of her parents, she will start crying.  But both of them are so CUTE!

And then the party starts!!!
This is only part of the people in the house!  Madam's house was full house!  I mean really full house!!!  The other part is at another corner in the house.  Although that day was super hot, but I really feel very happy that day! XD

Noticed why my face was so red?  Because something happened that day.  Madam's house washroom is always closed.  So you got no idea whether there is anyone inside until you tried to open the door.  So like usual, I want to go to toilet, I tried to open slowly to confirm that the door is unlocked.  So, yeah! The door is UNLOCKED!  I opened it and I saw my friend (guy) inside there!!! OMG!!! It was so embarrassing!!! >.<

Even after all of them left back to campus, (I stayed back to help clean the place) they kept ask me about the incident!  Omg... I feel like finding a big hole and hide myself in there.  Any how, it is not my fault!!!! It is the person who didn't lock the door's fault!!! wtf
Btw, I ate ice-cream twice that day.  First was madam who treat us with mini cornetto and then miss Nuraini treat us MCD ice-cream!  Lol  

ps: still got more pictures and I hope I will post them in blog... =p

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