Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eating Non-Stop Is my Favourite

After two days of weekend, I didn't make myself sweat like hell again.  I know I'm lazy.  However, Kuantan's weather is much hotter than Labuan.  I did tell mommy about this but she doesn't feel that way!  Well, can't blame her after all, because she never stay in Labuan before, how can I ask her to compare the weather difference between this two different places?

Weather in Kuantan is really hot, I can sweat like I did 500 of rope skipping after I cooked a meal! I sweat like I went jogging after I bring my dog out for a walk!  Can you imagine that?  I bet you can't.  
Plus food at home never less, so it is like a huge opportunity for me to eat when I am free!  FML!!!  I can only say food in Labuan is less healthy as I always buy those fried food from cafe while at home, I only eat oat biscuits and fruits.  That's different.  =p

Recently, McD came out with a new promotion on their breakfast.
Interesting!  Mommy quickly prints out 4 copies of these coupon and redeemed this morning.  Mommy said RM2.50 is really cheap as if she buys bread from the shop she will have to pay almost RM12+ for 4 persons' breakfast.  So, this morning I went to buy this with my bro.  Yeap, I have to get up at 6am.  It has been like don't know how many weeks I didn't wake up that early and now because of McD I got up early this morning.

Guess later at 9am or 10am I will look for food again, cause I had my McMuffin with egg at 7am!  I eat a lot, I know. =p

ps: I hate it when this week ends early. =(  I want longer holiday...

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