Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Day After I back Home

Everybody said I gain weight already except for my sister.  I don't think I look like I gain weight, but I am gaining weight. wtf.  Yesterday I wanted to go for supper before I go home, but when daddy come to pick me up I don't feel hungry, so at the end the supper plan cancel and straight drove back home.  
My seat from KL to Kuantan is 26, so I am almost the last one who coming out from the plane.  Daddy's wife used her cellphone to do a tiny 'banner' with LED for me.  Written there: Cai Yi.  LOL!  That's really funny!

Bro asked me to fetch him to school today in the morning at 7am.  Since I'm going to wake up that early so mommy and I thought we can go for morning exercise together.  7am is a little bit late for mommy to go morning aerobic in Taman Gelora, so we went to have 'mountain' walk at Bukit Pelindung.  Guess I got better stamina already, cause I don't feel tired at all after the morning exercise!  =D

Since sis keeps complaining that nobody go movie with her, so we decided to go movie together with mommy.  (Bro is not going because he is now in KL to attend school activities) The first movie I ever had in this year, (灵听)
The movie chosen by sis.  It is a ghost story.  I never want to watch ghost story and also scary movie in cinema, because it is super scary when the movie is shown together with all the super loud sound effect! wtf!
Mommy laughed at me when I'm watching this movie, cause I used her scarf to cover my face. wtf.  I don't think it is very scary, but the sound effect cause the whole thing sounds scary.  (I personal think the movie is not nice at all) >.<
I laughed when I was watching this movie too!  There were few kids (teenagers) watching sitting in front of us.  (they are male)  One of the kid, holding the pop corn box to cover his face.  Hahahaha!  It is so funny!  #okay.jpg I know it is not funny.
But I don't think this movie is worth to watch in the cinema after all.

Oh ya!  Today I touches the real Samsung Galaxy SIII!  (the white is nicer than blue one, and the real one is nicer from what you see in the picture!)
It is super nice, really!!!  I gonna have it, and I gonna own it!! no matterr how!!! Let's make this as target, once I manage all the flight ticket, I gonna save money to get myself that phone!  Weird thing is mommy seems like supporting me to have that phone.  She even suggested that I can pay by installment as she help me to pay.  wtf!  (She is so nice!!!) But I wish I can get it by my own, even if I have to pay monthly for that.  

Tomorrow is father's day.  I don't feel like buying anything or celebrate that with daddy.  So I decided to cook pasta and delivery to him, that's all.  Then will try to ask him whether he willing to sponsor me partially on getting a S3.  (is that even possible?)  Right now, let's dream for it first.  Later after all the planning, then I will own it for real! huahuahua!!!

ps:  I have to sleep early tonight cause tomorrow gonna wake up at 6.30am again.
ps:  I wish this week will never end. =D

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