Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing Back Home

I have already posted 2 boxes of stuff back home, so I assume that I got not much stuff anymore, because I checked again and again, realize things that I left are clothes and some daily uses.  However when I really pack all my stuff into the luggage, I realize that I got no enough space for all that!

Now I worry I will exceed the weight of 20kg!

This is the thing that I always worry about.  For your information, I seldom go back home or come to Labuan by Air Asia because I need to go back Kuantan straight away.  Last time I used to ask daddy to pick me up from LCCT and KLIA, but after he did twice he said the petrol he spent is equal to I buy a flight ticket from KL to Kuantan.  So, like that lo... =p

As you know MAS don't allow to pay extra for more weigh on luggage unless you upgrade your seat to business class which the price of it has huge difference!  Now I only have 20kg limits and I start to worry whether I will exceed the maximum or not.  If I do, I have to pay for penalty! wtf...

Waiting for 2pm to come, (my flight is at 5.20pm) then going to UK to spend some time there and then going to airport to check in then spend time together at mcd.  I think this is gonna be the last time for us to spend like this already.

I seriously gonna miss this place and I don't think I will never forget the place I spend my three years time to finish my degree.  All the sweet, sour and bitter memories here I will never forget (I think so).  

Alright still got 30 minutes to go... my heart beat now is like super fast because I'm damn excited!!! >.<

ps:  missing my dong dong so much..

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