Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Glass Water

Last night went out dinner with my family.  It is like first dinner outside with them after I came back from Labuan.  Bro suggested a Malay restaurant named 'Big Glass Water' (大杯水) cause the name in Malay named:  Rezki Gelas Besar.  So when we translate into Mandarin, it becomes Big Glass Water. wtf.
Nice name right?  Me think that too!  At least it is creative enough. =p
Anyway, the drinks are really in big amount.
This is not angle problem.  The glass of the drink is really very BIG!  Food over there so so only, but I found the food there kinda sweet but not thirsty so I assumed that they add sugar into the food where I dislike the most.  So I don't think there will be next time for me.  Lol!  
Anyway the price there not bad.  Worth for a try la. =)

ps: try before maybe you have different thinking.

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