Monday, June 4, 2012

12 days a.k.a. Less Than 2 Weeks

What does the title mean?  It means that I've 12 days left to stay on this island.  After that I will be home to start my 1 week holiday and then internship!  I am excited to go back right now.  Daddy gonna pick me up at the airport!
Still remember he is the one who bring me to airport 2 semesters ago.  

Yeah, homesick right now and I can't wait to go home right now.  But when thinking of going back home, I know I gonna miss everything that happened here.  People that I met, people who helped me, people who guided me, people who argued with me, people who boycott me.  I will remember every single things that happen here.  (hopefully I won't forget, especially those who treat me good and nice)

Now left final exam and I bet this gonna be the last examination for me because until now I don't think I want to further my study yet.  And one last thing, correction on my final year project report.  But right now I wanna drama and movie first... cause the mood of doing things that I should have done not here yet.  @@

ps: are we gonna meet after this?

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