Friday, June 15, 2012

The Three Years Here

Warning! This is going to be a super long post that might cause you bored but if you insist to read this then continue scrolling down.

It has been three years I studied here in Labuan and now is my turn to say goodbye to all my lecturers and all the friends here.  My TURN!!  That's mean I'm now one step ahead to graduate already.

Now refresh back what I have gone through for this three years.  I remember when first I come here I cried every night because of homesickness.  I cried alone in the middle of night and complain to daddy about how bad is the condition here as there is no water for me to bath.  Don't dare to call home that often because I know I will cry because I was missing them so much.  Even if I really got to call home, I will make sure the call is short so mommy won't able to hear my voice shaking.  I don't want them to worry especially mommy.
However, I managed to make friends here.  Guess I'm so easy to make friends where I can talk anything to everybody beside me although I don't even know who is that person.
Really got no idea when I took this pictures!  Seriously face palm... >.< (and I look slim last time! Lol)
During the first year first semester, we had a performance regarding our TITAS.
And then lots of activities were held in the campus and I was trying to involve myself in all the activities because I don't want to leave this campus with only study memories but I wanna make myself life full with energy. lol
As committee member of Masquerade Night for seniors.  (I was still first year)
As committee member of Japanese Cultural Night (JCN), Malam 1 Malaysia (M1M), and Angpau Night (APN).  All these were second year events!  Can't believe I used to attach to all these activities!

Activities that I joined during I was in first and second year.  Still remember we made our own song and sang the song ourselves!  Never know that I will do this!  Any how that's a super experience! =D
I was dragged into this activity suddenly and in all sudden I become exco.  It was also the first and the last position I took for the entire University life.  I'm glad to know all the seniors and also all the members in there.  I learned lots of things. =D

All the sweet sweet memories and life without FYP but full with activities, celebrations and outing.  Life without FYP really so nice and really, junior-junior sekalian, you all must really spend your enjoy life during first year and second year.  If you got extra time, go out and explore and have fun with your friends.  Or when you are in third year, you can hardly find the time but if you do, you might screwed your FYP.
I used to hang out with all these friends but ended up differently from what you expect.  Maybe is because I got super bad personality that people don't like.  Like mommy said I got super big mouth and never learn to control what I should say and what I shouldn't say.  I know usually what I say cause lots of argument and displease, but I rather displease you right away than please you when I'm in front of you then complain about you at the back.  This is not my way, but guess that if I want to survive in this world, I have to do this.  (#facepalm.jpg)

But still I manage to find other friends although they are not that crazy but at least they treat me sincerely. (I really feel you all are, but maybe you are not...)  Now I get to meet all these awesome people.

Of course not just them who that I took picture with.  There are lots of them who are awesome in my life too!  They are too awesome and sometime you are just willing to share anything to them.  =D
I believe everybody changes in three years time.  I changed too!  I never learn to care about how I really feel towards my family, after I have to leave them for so long, I know they are always the number 1 position in my heart, and nobody will replace them.
I know I'm so 'innocent', annoying and crazy sometimes, and I know you all have cope with me so much and be patient with what I have done.  And me as a complaint Queen never think at your side and feel from your side.  I apologize for everything.  =)

Here got a special message to one of my friend who I know her only for a year.  You know who you are.  I really do regret why I didn't know you earlier.  You really take care of me and I don't know why I feel so comfortable when I'm with you.  Seriously a year with you is really very short and plus I only close to you this semester!  Ain!!!!  Saya mesti mesti mesti akan rindu mu!!!!! =')
Nak keropok... hehe

ps: later 5pm flight and I'll be home at 12am or earlier.
ps: gonna have the last hang out with my friends later at 1pm!!!  I can't wait!!! =D
ps: still remember when I come here I hide myself at friend's house and cried like hell a week before.  today I cried like hell too because I'm leaving this suck yet memorable place.   

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