Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kundasang / KK Trip, Day 4

I was in rush so I didn't manage to return my robe myself but asked Lynn to help me to return.  The rules of that university is I only can get my certificate once after I return my robe and done all the survey that the government asked to do, so I was thinking friend also can help to do ma.  Who knows the stupid staffs they need authorized letter.  wtf.
So I have to go back to KK just to get my certificate.
What to do, certificates leh...  The certificates were like worth RM30k and 3 years time.  walao! nothing is important than that lo!
And so there is my certificates.  So embarrassing with the result..  Aih, so close yet so far. wtf.
It was so difficult to find the hall to get my certificates lo!  I thought it was at Kampong E and thought might have the chance to bring family to visit there, but lol I made mistake and it wasn't at there.  The place to take the certificates was further than Kampong E.
The main branch of UMS really so big until we almost got lost in there.  GPS wasn't useful when you are in a University. >.<

Staying in Grand Borneo Hotel again since we left some of our belongings there.  We didn't want to bring all our belongings up hill so put it there before we left to Kundasang.  Since Grand Borneo is just right beside 1Borneo, so I went to walk around again in the shopping mall.
Met up with Lynn since she was lepak+ing there too!

Seriously really got nothing to walk in 1Borneo, just walk blindly in the mall while talking with Lynn.  AND she is so funny as she didn't smell weird smell in the mall after I told her that the place she is standing smell like toilet, she only realized that the smell really weird!  Lol!

At night we went to have dinner out there.  Thanks to the source from the Internet and also one of my friend from KK.
Gayang Seafood Restaurant!  It is a little bit far away from town area, but if you really have GPS with you, sure no problem!  Just type G.A.Y.A.N.G S.E.A.F.O.O.D R.E.S.T.A.U.R.A.N.T then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get lost. =D
You can just any seafood you want not from the menu but from the real in front of you!  Even vegetables too!  I was like wow!!!  Seriously the restaurant is like in a big hall instead of a small shop!  Looking at all the seafood, we (only four of us) ordered 6 dishes!
The four main seafood!
Scallops, Oysters, Tiger Shrimps, and Seabass!!!  Really can't resist all this delicious food!  Especially scallops and oysters.  I never try that in a meal, I mean as a dish itself!
The most important thing is 6 dishes only cost us RM180++, can you imagine that?!  It was super cheap lo!
(Uncle said this is tourist attraction wor... their food is not so tasty as Seremban Seafood Restaurant, but I think both are also nice and this one is much much cheaper.)

That's the last dinner in Kota Kinabalu, because the next day we were going back to Peninsular. =D

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