Monday, October 8, 2012

To All My Beloved Family, Friends, Readers

Guess I have to be hardworking to update blog for these few days since I got no job YET.  (I'll have a job.) Enjoying all day free now and I know once I got a permanent job I don't have the time to do things I want to do.  You know la, sometimes we have the money but we don't have the time and sometimes we have the time but we don't have the money.  And yes, I'm in the category of I have the time but I don't have the money.  FML.

Sometimes staying home alone or when I got nothing to do I started to think lots of things and become emotional.  Guess most of you will face the same problem.  During the pass 2 weeks I have been so free, (most of the time) and I have get use to the freedom I have for the coming week, guess I will become emo easily again on the following week.
Everybody has their own business to do and concentrate.  Mommy got her daily routine where I think she is satisfied with it, bro has to focus on his STPM and sis has to focus on her final, only me can online, facebook, gaming and novel anytime I want!  And the think I have to do in return is to do housework because they are too busy to do that. wtf.

Alright, back to the thing that I want to share.  I went to hospital to visit my IT supervisor (he was my supervisor during my internship).  He was admitted in the hospital because of some sickness which I don't know what its name.  He actually did brain surgery due to the blood stasis in his brain.  Main reason of causing that: high blood pressure.  He considered the lucky one because it wasn't stroke and YES, God blessed him.  He went through a 5 hours surgery and now he is awake.  =D  So glad to hear that.

Seriously, you will never know what happen to your health.  He is a person who exercise and love outdoor activities, but you never know that he almost got stroke!  People always say don't get the 3 High (high blood pressure, high cholesterol  high glucose) but in this society, people never realize that the 3 high are actually very dangerous because they are actually like a timing boom which might explode anytime.

Recently there are so many cases about car accident in my hometown.  Previously was my sister's friend passed away and now another 4 people passed away in an accident.  Car accident is something that you might can't prevent because sometimes unwilling accident occur.  Maybe because of car problem or the road problem, sometimes you can't control of this to happen.  But health is always can be control by ourselves.  We can control what we eat, what we drink and what we use.

Therefore, to all my beloved friends, family, and readers... please do take care of your health.  Eat more vegetables, fruits and less intake of meat which actually acidic.  (acidic food and drinks harm our body and they actually cause cancer.)  Do more exercise but don't over do.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthily, and Live Healthily.

Cai Yi

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