Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kundasang Trip, Day 3

The early sunshine rises at 6am in East Malaysia.  So it has become a habit to me waking up before 6am.  Again, the hotel provided us breakfast, so we don't have to go out to hunt for breakfast!  I guess there are good and bad here cause we weren't able to taste the local food out there as the hotel had provided us food!  However, we find it is convenient as our hotel is a little bit far away from the town.

Go Kundasang this time!  Actually I'm confused Kundasang and Ranau.  All I know is Kundasang and Ranau is near to each other, but if you ask me where I stay when I go Kundasang, I will only able to tell you the name of resort.  wtf.

On the way to Kundasang is like 'wow! the view is so beautiful!  Look at the moutain!'.  Poor bro who is the driver of the journey didn't able to really have a nice moment to enjoy the view there because he has to concentrate on his driving.  =p  Before we go to Kinabalu Pine Resort, we went to Kinabalu Park first.
Nothing much at Kinabalu Park, mostly were only views of KK moutain.  So we went into Botanical Garden which is also inside Kinabalu Park there.  (if not mistaken la.  Shit... really forget lo!)
All are natural plant where the staffs there didn't really put effort to take care of them.  Saw a super warmth tour guide, he explain so many things nicely!  And we met him again at the next next destination!  Lol

After that we went to check in for our room at Kinabalu Pine Resort.
Beautiful flowers are all around the resort!  I mean they are really beautiful and look at the colours!  Colourful!!! =D
The view are so beautiful there!  At least once I open the door of my room, I can see beautiful scene.
There is rabbit house too!  I went to visit them for 2 times!  They are just too adorable!!!  I wonder if I have rabbits at home what dong dong will do to them..
Surprisingly, there are more than 5 rabbits!  All are hyperactive, jumping here and there.  It wasn't easy for me to snap picture of them because they kept moving around!

After settle all the stuff and checked in, we went to Poring Hot Spring in Ranau.
Since Kundasang is at the up hill, so it is like so common to see people there filling up their petrol into bottles.  I mean we really saw one of the petrol station put up a notice there written: out of petrol.  That was the first time we saw that!  Do you know how we felt?  It was like you go to the beach and wanted to play water there but there is a notice written there out of sea water.  wtf?!
And so we went to the Poring Hot Spring.  
I still remember last time we had canopy walk don't know at where but now I know the canopy walk is inside the Poring Hot Spring!  Since I think it would be a good exercise for all of us, so we took the challenge!

Guess what, we were the only family that go there by ourselves without tour guide!  AND I met the tour guide that we met earlier in Kinabalu Park there.  How coincidence!  lol
There were 3 groups of tourist, we were at the last one because we were not included as the tourist group...  At first we were following them during the canopy walk.  All of us thought that they are really slow and blocking our way, and after that they let me pass through them and guess what we become the first to reach the end line.!  Lol
Sounds so proud!  
(please ignore the fats on me... Gosh! why the hell I'm so fat?!)
There were 5 bridges all together, legs were shaking when we had to walk across the bridges!  After that we went to have a hot bath which also the main purpose we got there.  Didn't manage to snap picture there... ops.
Kind reminder here, please don't forget to bring towel there when you know you will have hot bath there because towel is not provided.  AND fol, because we have to buy for RM30 each towel because we didn't have our own towel.

After that we were so tired and luckily the resort provided us breakfast and dinner!  So again we don't have to hunt for dinner out there, we went back to resort sleep and wait for dinner!!!  =)

Stay tune for Day 4~!

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