Monday, October 29, 2012

KK Trip, Day 1

KK stands for Kota Kinabalu just in case you confuse. =)

I am so dependent and I can hardly arrange everything wisely before I go to KK with my family.  Tell you something secretly, I even threw my temper on my mom because of the stress that I can't handle. Really shame on me.

Okay, let's get started.

Flying to East Malaysia is not my first time but I still can't overcome the feeling of hundreds butterflies in my stomach!  So fail!  Since it is difficult to get ourselves from Kuantan to KLIA by bus or train so we decided to fly from Kuantan.  
And then fly again from KL to Kota Kinabalu.  It was the first time for sis and she said she feel scared after the double flight effect!  Lol! (double flight effect as in she has to sit in the flight for 2 times to get to the final destination).

Finally after 6 hours journey, (we got an hour time to hang around in KLIA, I met Lynn there too!) we reached the destination.  Before flying to KK, we did drop by Labuan Airport.  So indirectly we actually went to Labuan.  XD 

I rent car from a Chinese uncle who he is quite nice, at least he is reliable.  Can contact him if you need to rent car in KK.  Mr. Lee  016-8332811  
He brought us to the hotel we stayed, Grand Borneo Hotel (4 stars hotel!).  I like the hotel obviously but the people working there are way too warmth.  What I mean here is when I want to go out, and I didn't notice them, they will purposely call me and smile at me.  Awkward!!

The hotel is very comfortable, I stayed in Grand Deluxe Room so of course the environment nicer la but they provided fruits for us!  Dessert some more lo!  (I didn't take any picture of it because we were hungry like mad and finished all of it in few seconds time.)
Comfortable bed (please ignore my bro).  They were so sweet where they even had a welcome card for us.  Some more got name on it!
That day was nothing because the main thing is the next day!  Anyway, I met Debbie at the main entrance of the hotel so she could pass me all the stuffs.  Really big thanks to her or else I would have to wear a XXL size of robe.  Just imagine I'm so big size and if I put on the XXL size of robe I would look like a big fat giant with small head that time. wtf.

Dinner didn't have something special but it is recommended by Uncle Lee.  The restaurant is in 1 Borneo named 金糖.  I think the food are delicious but I didn't manage to take any of the pictures!!!  Argh...  I feel so bad now can't show you how the food looks like.
(by the way, the restaurant is right beside Old Town.  Still no idea where is it?  Turn right after you see Times book store and then straight until you see Old Town, that restaurant is just right beside there.)

We slept early that night because we have something huge on the next day!  

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