Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KK Trip, Day 2

ps: This is the day!

Finally Sunday!  So the most attractive place on Sunday is Gaya Street!  Thanks to daddy because of the GPS, we didn't get lost because of that!  I don't think we can survive without GPS at there and I am so sure that I will be scolded like hell and we wouldn't be able to go Gaya Street!  LoL
This is part of Gaya Street!  You can find souvenirs there, especially those cheap cheap one.  The cheapest key chain is 10 key chains with only RM10.  (we didn't buy key chain)  We bought shirt for each of us and of course dry seaweed.  You can walk around first and then compare the price!  Some of them sell expensively but some of them sell it very cheap.
I met some of my Uni friends there!  Gaya Street really are the strategic place to meet up with them!  Lol, but I didn't get to meet Debbie because she sleep till 9am where at the time I almost finish 'shopping' there already.

Talking about breakfast, since the hotel I stayed provides us breakfast, so we had our breakfast in the hotel!  Lol

After back to hotel, I started to make up myself and prepare to the next mission: Convocation of mine! Yoohoo~
Hey yo!  My moment!!!
I don't know how to wear that freaking robe seriously, especially the purple yellow one!  Simply snap one just because I don't know how to wear...
(first time with bath robe!  Gosh!!! so excited~  hahahaha)
After make up and dressed up of course must take some picture with mommy and sis la, bro was so sick, lying on the bed ignored what we did that day.  Lol!  Sometimes really pity him being the only guy at home, can't join what we do and can't share what he wants!  Lol! Different direction!
I don't have lots of friends, so I only managed to take this 2 pictures with these two close friends by using my own freaking phone!  Still there are friends who have so professional camera and I managed to snap some with them!  Lol
Roommate and I~
Opps... Just ignore the terbalik UMS!  Lol!

I tell you I think all of them in the picture I showed are the best person I ever met in my University life.  Seriously!  At least I can feel the real inside them, they are not fake as some of the people there.  Gosh!  Really so glad I managed to meet them! =D

btw, for more pictures, go stalk my Facebook.  Lol! 

It was raining after the ceremony, I feel a little bit of disappointed cause I thought of waiting for bro to come to take picture with me. (he was sick so he chose not to attend the ceremony but came after the ceremony ended to take picture with me)  The sky didn't seem to give me a favor, but rain like cats and dogs.  So, no pictures after that...  fml.
But never mind la, the most important is the certificate I got after I have been studied for that 3 years. =D  

Hungry!!!  All of us were super hungry after the ceremony because we didn't get to eat lunch!  Yeah, rushing here and there until forget to take lunch.  To make it clear, I wasn't in the mood to eat neither cause I was too nervous!

Was too hungry and I forgot to take picture of the food!  Managed to take the crab... ONLY...  Sorry~
Full!~  Seremban Seafood Restaurant!  (Opposite 1 Borneo)  
Uncle Lee recommended there as well, and I remembered my Mandarin Class lecturer did mention the seafood there not bad, so we went to try out!  I like the crab but costly because the crab is soooo damn big!  

After eat, of course sleep la!  Must have good night sleep because the next day we are going to another place! woohoo~

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