Friday, October 19, 2012

Make Up Practicing

Tomorrow is the departure date I'm f'king nervous now.  Okay I got the feeling of going into the toilet and lao sai.  (what is lao sai?  means you go shit and your shit is watery than the usual one. wtf. so disgusting.)  Don't worry I will wash my hand after I come out. wtf.

Since I can't bring too much things there to avoid unnecessary problems so I only bring very little of my make up stuff there.  Too little of the stuff make me feel insecure whether I will manage to put on the make up or not, so I decided to try out the make up before I leave.

Anyway, I would like to warn you first... After this will be lots pictures of mine.  If you hate me don't continue reading.  Or if you have high jealousy on pretty girl like me, don't continue reading too.  Cause after this you will sick of my pictures.  hahahahaha

Picture of me without any make up and fake eyes.
After defining eye brows and put the fake eyes into my eye ball.  wtf
(so now you can see the difference of with color lens and without color lens of me.)
Now put on the eye shadow and mascara.  Can you see my eyes become bigger and shinier?  Why the hell am I become so pretty after the lens and make up.  wtf.
After everything including the blusher and lip gloss.
Pretty leh. wtf.
Alright let you see the before and after effect.
So how is it?
I think I will do it like that on my big day! 
Oh ya forget to add another picture.  Someone said I look like a nerd and a person from Kampong.  Now I think I wanna show picture of me being a kampong girl wtf.
ps: disgusting with my syok sendiri sickness right?! XD

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