Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weird Dream

I have no idea why recently I have lots of dream when I was sleeping.  I mean not those dream that to be achieved but dreams that appear when you are sleeping.  Almost every night I have dreams, not just dream yo, but dreams!  And then every week I surely have nightmare.  

Yesterday I dreamt of I am able to talk with animals.  Now you asked me to recall back the whole story of the dream I can't because most part of it I have already forgotten.  Sorry... ^^"  
But don't you think it is weird when you are able to talk with animals?  The weirdest part is not just normal animal like dogs and cats!  I talked with GIRAFFE!!! 
OKAY I don't know and I forget what I have talked with the GIRAFFE!  Just weird why I dreamt of that.  
Another dream is I kept coughing in the dream.  I cough and run.  I don't know why and I don't know what I was running away from.  The cough is not just normal cough but I can feel the cough is making me feel suffer and the dream was so real.  

Actually I have somemore dreams but all the dreams were like a spoiled tape.  All stuck.  So difficult to say out the whole story of the dream so just cin cai describe the two dreams.  LoL.  

ps: do you see the second picture of Giraffe looks like a troll face meh?  haha

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