Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cute Plushies

I should have update a post yesterday but I didn't as what I have promise earlier at least a post a day when I'm free.  Shame on me.  #facepalm.jpg

I was busying with the present that I want to give him.  It wasn't easy as what I see from YouTube or maybe because my sewing techniques sucks, that's why.   I made a white one at first but I asked him what color he wants, black or white.  He chose black.  So I had to make another one.  Nehmind, I am willing to do more cause I'm practicing to make a perfect one.
The current two that I had made is so ugly, especially the black one.  fml.

I will post all the plushies I made soon here.  I'm hoping to make something cuter and nicer but at the same time I also hope all the plushies I make are going to be very precious one.  So now I'm thinking to make a signature on it.  A friend told me to put my lip mark there to make it as my signature.  wtf.

If you are interested to make one yourselves, you can refer to the following YouTube plushies tutorial.

There are more pushies to choose if you really search in YouTube.  All the tutorial looks simple and easy but still it doesn't easy to me when I first made it.

ps: I wish to make Domokun next! 

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