Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dream Again

I want to update this post with the content of what I dreamt last night.  It was super awful and sad dream.  

I was in the school and I remember that I have Mandarin examination.  The surrounding is a place where I am not familiar with.  I remember the exam is last for 2 hours and the teacher (my lecturer, Miss Soon!) told us to do faster because we only have 2 hours for the paper.  Very fast I managed to finish all the paper and went out from the classroom heading to the vehicle out there waiting for me.  My bro is inside the vehicle waiting for me there.  

After I went into the car I just realized I left my bag outside the exam hall!  Since we are not allowed to go into the school after we go out during exam, so I called up Debbie to help me to take.  (I don't know why I dreamt of her. wtf)  At first she doesn't want to help but after I beg her for few times she finally decided to help me.  So we went to the parking place to wait her. (The parking place is in basement lo, and the parking basement need money one.  sweat!)  Since I have car ma and Debbie's mother is waiting her in the basement.  So I ma suggest to fetch both of them go out from the basement lo.

Weird part comes.  
Debbie and her mom were super weird in the DREAM!  They pee in my car! wtf!  After I dropped them, I have to clean the xu xu at the back seat.  Eww... That's really disgusting! Omg, I really can't forget the scene of them xuxu+ing in the car.  Damn!
Can you imagine when you are sitting in front and there are two at the back pee+ing?  wtf wtf...
Bro said it was disgusting so he went to the toilet and left me alone in the car cleaning.

I drove after that, and I don't know how we went into an accident.  Weird thing happened again.  There are someone else in the car, bro's friend.  I don't know when he got into the car and sitting at the back there.  I am still alive in the accident but bro and his friend don't know why knocked their head and dropped into a swimming pool.  I was so scared and quickly find the security nearby to safe them.  I saved my bro and the security saved his friend.  I cried like hell in the dream and also in reality.  Shit.  Really hate this kind of dream.  That's really HORRIBLE!

Thank GOD that this is only a dream.  I don't hope to see anything happen to my bro and of course I don't hope to see Debbie pee in my car neither! wtf.

ps: Just a dream yo!

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