Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes WTF Doesn't Mean What The F*CK

WTF is so common and I started to use since form 6.  It has been a habit to me since that and it also is one of the way of expressing myself.  I don't think it is a bad thing of writing wtf.  It is just an expression!  

Do you know that actually everybody has different thinking where a picture can have many different meaning from different people.  WTF can be what the f*ck, what the fish, what the fork, some of them even make it as Welcome To Facebook.  There are so many meaning that can represent WTF.   
(I have been drafting this post since this morning and I was distracted by TVB drama.  fml )

So what is your opinion of the meaning of wtf?  Is it a good one or a bad one or maybe the funny one?  I can't control what you think but you have your own thoughts and I am not going to change that for you because that's not what I think.  
From the picture above, you can see what is the meaning of wtf.  If you think the picture doesn't bring any meaning to you, go to google and search for it yourselves or maybe I can guide you for that.  Click here.
Was that hard?

It is the same thing that when a person is scolding someone but the person didn't mention who the one is, anyone can be the target of being scolded.  You can't read people's mind and you can guess what a person is thinking unless the person tells you what he/she is thinking.  

So dear all, wtf to me is super common thing that it represents so many thousand words which I can't tell you in this short time.  Well, don't judge my WTF.

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